How You Can Easily and Economically Plan Your Funeral


It’s a thought that many people don’t consider too often because of how morbid it can be, but planning your own funeral does have its benefits. By planning ahead now, the stress your family would normally feel will be relieved as they will know your exact intensions regarding your final arrangements. Naturally, they are going to want to follow your wishes, so you can make it easy on them with a readymade plan.

Planning for your own funeral begins with simple considerations of what is involved and what you would like to have. It’s an easy venture that can be started at any time. This week, we have created a simple outline of how to go about planning your funeral and what you can do to make it as cost-effective as possible.

Initial Essential Considerations

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and begin by jotting down some important factors that you need to have. These can be a choice of a burial or cremation, caskets or urns, and headstones or grave markers. You need to begin by taking responsibility for what is essential and then move on to more personalized touches like video slide shows or choice of music, if any.

There are a number of factors that go into choosing a service type. You need to ask yourself if you’d like a funeral service, followed by cremation or burial. Or if you’d like a funeral service followed by a graveside service and burial/cremation. These are just two of many other service combinations you need to take time in choosing.

After this, your next step should be to decide if you like any other additional funeral events. Consider options like, a wake or viewing before the funeral or a reception or gather after the burial or cremation. Finally, there are your religious views to consider. If you are a practitioner of a particular faith you are going to need to consider having mourning events and other religious services be a part of your funeral.

Personal Touches

After the essential services are outlined, you can start to track and plan for your personal touches. Begin by determining what your first and second choices of funeral locations are, having a second choice allows you to be prepared should complications arise with the first option. Next, outline your first choice of the officiant with a secondary backup as well.

Your pallbearers should be the next decision you make followed by those who will deliver eulogies, prayers, or other readings. Finally, songs and even donations to specific charities in your memory can be designated at this point as well.

Share Your Plans with Loved Ones

Make your thoughts available to your family so they are able to carry out your wishes. Keep the plans you have drawn up accessible at all times so they can be reached if anything should happen to you. Don’t store them in a safety deposit box as it can be a difficult process for your family to obtain the plans after you pass.

Instead, choose to keep your outline either in a spot at home or with your primary selected funeral provider. If you decide to keep them at home, notify a few of your close family of its whereabouts to keep it easily accessible. Finally, if you choose to leave it with your provider, they can often keep the plans in your personal file which can be accessed by a few close family members.

In the end, making your thoughts available to those you love will make the process of organizing your final plans easier during a bleak and sad time.

Costs and How to Cover Them

With all this planning and organizing the costs are sure to add up, and with this comes the most crucial part of funeral planning. The cost of a funeral in Canada typically ranges anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 and that includes all the services and arrangements.

A Final Expense Plan is the best way to ensure that your family isn’t left to settle the affairs of your death. Once you have established what your general totals will be, look into getting coverage through a final expense plan. You are guaranteed to be accepted without any medical exam or health questions required.

Our website will provide more information one our Final Expense Plan as well as allow you to purchase it online instantly.

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