Kickstarting Springtime Exercises & Spring Cleaning Your Eating Habits

After a cold winter of staying in and eating heartier holiday meals, we are officially a month into the Spring season which means nicer weather, more exercise, and jumpstarting a heathier diet. As we begin to venture outdoors again and enjoy the changing temperature, people are typically consumed with cleaning up their home or car rather than making positive changes to their health.

It can be difficult to get back into an exercise routine or a diet after a long period of comfort foods and cold weather, but making the adjustment isn’t as hard as many people believe it to be. This week, we’re creating a helpful guide for Springtime exercise and eating to help you get the most out of the new season.

Creating a Realistic and Attainable Exercise Plan

Everyone has ideal exercise goals like running every day or losing 25 pounds in a couple of weeks, but these goals are often unrealistic. Before you begin any form of exercise, you need to set sensible milestones that you can comfortably strive for. If you go into a Spring exercise plan with really high goals, there is a greater chance that you will be setting yourself up for failure.

As you make your plan, consult with your physician to ensure that your exercise goals will not lead to any medical complications. Taking your exercise goals day-by-day will help you form a solid basis for your new healthy Spring habit. Stick to short-term achievable goals in the beginning, like avoiding sugar for a day, and over time these aims can be built up as you feel more comfortable and gain confidence.

How to Combat Getting Discouraged

When people think about exercising, their minds are typically filled with dreaded thoughts of painful routines and early morning runs. These are the beliefs that can immediately dishearten and hold you back from attaining your ideal health goals. But overcoming these feelings is as easy as setting up small yet effective daily changes to keep yourself motivated.

While at work, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Go for a short walk during your lunch break and try parking in a farther parking spot to get more of a walk. Instead of just devising your own exercise plan, take a fun class at your local gym to help ease you into a workout routine. Having these little moments of easy exercise will go a long way in keeping you driven to get back in shape.

The First Steps to Healthier Eating

It’s no surprise that holidays like Christmas and Valentines Day all come with their fair share of that can linger in your home long after the holiday has passed. Start your new Spring diet by clearing out your pantry of these foods as well as anything else that doesn’t provide you with some nutritional value.

Adopting smart portion control habits is the next step to take to reshaping your new Springtime eating habits. People often do away with portion control during the winter months because of how filling the food is during the holidays, but when Spring finally rolls around it’s best to cut back on the amount you eat during meals. This can be done by simply using portion-control plates, developing good eating out habits, and planning out your meals ahead of time.

Slashing Sugar and Salt, Adding Probiotics

Sugar and salt are both present in most foods we eat from day to day and can attribute to many health issues and diseases. Excessive sugar and salt consumption can lead to diabetes, muscle inflammation, decreased immune response and a higher chance of developing heart disease.

Cut back on sugar and salt by using a greater variety of herbs, spices, citrus juices, fruits, and vegetables in your meals. By swapping in these alternatives, you’ll be ingesting less harmful substances without sacrificing any of the flavour of your meals.

Work in some yogurt into your daily scheduled meals to help boost your body’s immune system, improve digestive functions, prevent infections, and reduce inflammatory conditions like IBS. Instead of relying on over-the-counter supplements, get your probiotics from food sources which provide a better benefit for the body.

The Benefit of Farmers Markets

A great way to get the best out of both a healthier diet and more exercise is to combine them into one action. Farmers markets allow you to go out and enjoy the Springtime weather while also giving you a chance to pick up healthy foods from a local source.

The foods provided in these markets will be farm fresh, free of any chemicals and modified seeds, and at its peak ripeness to provide you with the most nutrition. Finally, by shopping at a framers market you’ll not only be enjoying organic foods while getting exercise, but you’ll also be supporting farmers and other local small businesses.

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