Living a Healthy Lifestyle Later in Life

As we age and grow old it can get more difficult to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. Our body develops those new aches and pains and you generally feel overall more tired. The good news is, today people are living much longer than ever before and it’s because they stick to healthy living practices.

Whether it be increased exercising or developing a more well-rounded diet, seniors are taking more of an initiative than ever when it comes to getting healthy. Taking the time to adapt a healthier way of living can improve energy levels, mental awareness and acuteness, and even boost immune levels.

Deciding to live a healthier lifestyle can happen at any time, it’s never too late! Age should not be the factor in your life that stops you from getting healthy again. This week, we’ll guide you to taking the right steps to a healthy life, both physically, mentally, and financially.


Changing Your Outlook and Attaining Mental Clarity

The first step to take when shifting to a healthier lifestyle in a later age is to focus on your mind. Improving your overall outlook on life is the foundation on which your healthier lifestyle is built upon. The easiest way to keep your mind sharp is to stay socially active. Volunteering at a local charity event, meeting up for coffee or lunch with old friends, or even just having longer and more involved conversations with your spouse are all examples that attribute to a healthier mind.

The beauty in staying mentally healthy later in life, is that it is so easy to do. Turning these practices into lasting habits makes them all the better. Keep up and reconnect with your family and friends or go out and see what classes or events you can take part in multiple times a week. In the end, just being sociable overall is your key to a healthy mind.

Recent studies have shown that cognitive decline is less apparent in people who maintain social contact. In fact, a recent study in Chicago shows that seniors who practiced frequent social interactions experienced 70% less cognitive decline in their age.

Physically Challenging Yourself

Exercising into later ages has many preventative benefits. For women, the focus on bone health becomes more apparent the older you get. Firstly, you need to be more aware of your calcium intake and boost your bodies calcium levels. Foods like milk, salmon, spinach, or broccoli all have higher calcium levels that you can benefit from, so try to work them into daily meals.

As for exercise, you need to make walking a daily ritual as light aerobics help to make your bones work against gravity and strengthen them. Tai chi, if done frequently, is also a great alternative to walking that will help strengthen your spire and keep it healthy.

Men often have higher blood pressure as they age and it can easily be combated. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables along with low-fat dairy products with your meals each day. These foods can considerably lower your blood pressure in as little as two weeks.

Exercises for older men should include cardiovascular activities like jogging or cycling to help lower blood pressure. Make it a habit to spend some time each week doing activities like these and with your changed diet you’ll quickly notice a positive difference in your health.

Before you tackle any exercise, its important that you consult with your physician first to determine what is physically possible for you to undertake.

Sleeping Better

Sleep apnea, diabetes, and cardiovascular conditions are among the more common reasons why people suffer from lack of sleep. If you have a medical condition that impedes your sleeping patterns, consulting with a physician is your best option. But what steps can you take on your own to help you get more sleep?

Practicing meditation and heading to bed at an earlier hour are great ways to start committing to better sleep habits. Focus on your breathing and turn off all devices when you begin to meditate. During your reflection, keep your back straight as you sit up and close your eyes as it will help you concentrate on relaxed breathing. Finally, your bedroom should be more minimalistic with little distractions, like technology, and more natural light to allow for a more peaceful sleeping environment.

How Insurance Plays into Your Healthy Lifestyle

Finally, you need to ensure that you have the best life plans in your retirement years. Planning ahead is what will keep your family financially secure as you approach the end of your life.

With a final expense plan, you can take away the financial strain from your family both in your old age and after you pass. Perhaps the most important and responsible act you can do in your later years is to make sure your family’s finances are protected.

Funeral costs in Canada can be as high as $5,000 and end-of-life public care is typically anywhere from $900 to several thousand a month! By using a final expense plan, you can effectively eliminate the worry that you will leave your family with a financial burden when you die. Don’t leave the costs like the ones above in your family’s hands, take the right steps and secure them yourself.

In the end, you’re trying to protect your family. Staying healthy allows you to spend more time with them and be there for them, but after you’re gone what can you do? Having a plan in place can allow to you perform one last loving act for those you care about.

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