On the Fence About Final Expense? Here are Some Reasons to Go for It


Burial insurance, sounds bleak, doesn’t it? But it couldn’t be more important to helping ensure your family’s financial future. Each and every day we’re looking out for our loved ones and trying to give them the best and most comfortable life we can, but have you considered what will happen after you die? Without you actively contributing to the protection of their future, your family can be exposed to financial burdens.

A Final Expense Plan can be a great asset to you when it comes to providing for your family after you die. This week, we at Specialty Life Insurance are taking a closer look at the benefits of such a plan and how our offering makes acceptance easy and more streamlined.

Easily Cover Final Costs

As you reach retirement, your family will be grown and less dependent on your income, but that doesn’t mean they won’t need some help with other expenses. The thought of leaving your family with financial debt after you die is not an easy one to accept. With your loved ones already in a state of mourning after you pass, there is no need for them to face the high costs of funeral arrangements as well.

As funerals become more expensive, a $5,000 to $10,000 burial service may not be feasible for your children. By acquiring a Final Expense Plan, your family will receive a death benefit upon your passing which they can use to pay for your funeral costs, medical expenses, or any estate taxes you may have.

Choosing Who Your Benefit Goes To

Another advantage of a Final Expense Plan is that it is designed for the betterment of your family, whether that be to cover funeral costs or to pass something on. Your children and grandchildren have expenses such as schooling, housing, and other daily costs that you can help them with using final expense policies.

Start a savings plan for your grandchildren’s schooling or help your kids with their mortgage or any other debt, the benefit use is completely up to you and your beneficiaries.

Finally, your benefit can go to the organization you cherish the most. Many seniors choose this option because it allows them to build a legacy that will live on and provide for an organization they care about.

Specialty Life & Final Expense

Our Final Expense Plan is offered with no medical tests or questionnaires. This means that no matter your health status you cannot be denied coverage. Also, with our Final Expense Plan, you only need to be between the ages of 18 and 74 and have a home address in Canada to qualify.

We make the application process easier by using simple online submissions so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Our application form walks you through your plan details and allows you to easily select your coverage amount and product.

Specialty Life provides you with the benefit of a 30-day review period. This timeframe gives you a chance to completely look over your plan and make any necessary changes or cancel it for a full refund.

Aside from the overall ease of the application process and the two simple requirements, our plan offers you a complementary Accidental Death Benefit. This addition provides your family with up to four times the benefit amount if death is accidental at no extra cost to you.

Final Expense by Specialty Life is a plan that is incredibly useful for those who have been denied for other traditional coverage policies. After experiencing previous denials, your next option should be considering our final expense plan to give you and your family the financial stability you seek.

We’re Here to Help You

If you are strongly interested in our final expense plan, we ask that you simply fill out our free quote form. You can apply for a quote in minutes and get a good idea of what kind of coverage is ideal for you.

Allow us to guide you to finding a policy that fits your budget and covers you for your specific needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please fill out our quick customer support from and we’d be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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