Taking a Glance at Critical Illness in Canada

It’s no secret that critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks, and strokes are large medical issues present in Canadian society. These severe illnesses among many others have affected the lives of thousands of Canadians by either directly threatening them or the lives of loved ones. By taking a closer look at some of the most common critical illnesses covered by Critical Illness Coverage you will be able to see how deeply these illnesses and diseases affect Canadians across Canada.


In the previous 10 years, the Canadian Cancer Society reported that over 810,000 Canadians had been diagnosed with some form of Cancer. In a report put out by the Canadian Cancer Society, they stress that the number of Canadians living with the disease is steadily increasing and that these people are very likely to have unique healthcare needs that can take them away from their work. This fact demonstrates the effect a disease like Cancer can have on the livelihood of your family in an already painful time.

It’s reported that for males, lung; prostate; and colorectal cancer are the most common forms of the disease with chances of 1 in 13, 1 in 27, and 1 in 29 respectively. Females most commonly suffer from, lung; breast; and colorectal cancers with chances of 1 in 17, 1 in 30, and 1 in 32 for each. These common forms of cancer have been stated to attribute to 50% of all cancer deaths in the country.

Another shocking statistic is that, again according to the Canadian Cancer Society, the number of deaths from the disease has been steadily rising for both sexes each year. With statistics like this in place and an increase in the growth and aging of the Canadian population, planning for the right coverage has never been more important.

Heart Attacks and Strokes

Over 600,000 Canadians live with some form of heart disease and failure today according to a recent article published on the Global News website. (If you’d like to read the article yourself, you can find it here.) The Heart and Stroke Foundation also warns that the number of affected Canadians will rise with around 50,000 new cases arising every year.

If you survive a heart attack you are still at a great risk of facing other factors of heart disease. The article above also mentions that the number of heart failure incidents in Canada will continue to rise as people tend to live longer today and are surviving more heart-related diseases. It’s also worth noting that if you suffer from multiple heart attacks in your life your heart is undergoing a large amount of organ damage, this puts you at a higher risk of critical heart disease.

Earlier in the year, the Heart and Stroke Foundation released a full report, which you can find here, that provides more information about heart disease and states that today, 9 out of every 10 Canadians have at least one risk factor that leads to heart disease in their lives. Risk factors can include smoking, diabetes, and alcohol among others.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s

The final more common critical illness we will cover is Dementia. The Alzheimer Society of Canada has stated that in recent years there has been over 700,000 Canadians living with Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related illnesses. As a disease that generally affects seniors age 65 and over these illnesses have shown to take a large toll on Canadians who provide care to these older Canadians.

To put it in more perspective, a grand total of 14.9% of senior Canadians are living with some form of dementia and that number is expected to rise. According to the most recently updated statistics on the Alzheimer Society of Canada’s website, the number of Canadians affected will rise to about just under 1.5 million in the next 15 years.

Fighting Back Against Financial Disability

So, with all of these important and shocking statistics in place, what can you do to protect your family’s financial stability? Critical Illness Insurance will provide you with the essential income protection that can take the financial worry out of the recovery process. With this insurance coverage, you don’t have to worry about losing your earnings as a result of stepping away from work, your medical expenses will be covered and your family will have an income they can count on.

Aside from the three major illnesses above, a Critical Illness Plan will provide you with full coverage for 24 other critical conditions. What is also important is that this type of coverage has no medical exams for Canadians aged 18 to 69; this gives you an easy way to get access to essential critical illness protection.

Critical Illnesses may very well be something you have to deal with in your life and only by getting a proper look at these common diseases will you be better equipped to deal with them. A Critical Illness Insurance Plan should be your first step towards finding financial security during what can be your family’s most trying time.

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